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My name is Sonia. I have over two decades of experience in the field of education. I am an author, curriculum/content developer, ESL teacher, storyteller and a writing coach.
Sonia Duggal


ESL (English as a Second Language)

Welcome to my site. I am a published author. I have developed English, EVS and value education books for leading publishers like Collins India, Burlington, Oxford University Press, Ratna Sagar etc.

I teach General English, Spoken English, Business English to students of all ages. 

I have been an English Language trainer (ELT) for more than a decade to students from  Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico, France, Israel and India.

Please feel free to explore this website, where you will find information about my other activities like content development, writer's workshops, teacher training, and storytelling.

Teaching English
Educational philosophy
Education as a Catalyst for Individual Potential

Every person has limitless potential, and with the right guidance and environment, mentors and teachers can help them fully unleash their hidden talents.

The Importance of Lifelong Learning

Learning  is a journey that never ends. It stresses the idea of always growing and  learning throughout life. We should be prepared to learn, unlearn and  relearn.

Education Based on Empathy and Understanding

Empathy-driven education values each learner's unique needs. It fosters a supportive environment where all feel heard and respected. It's about understanding and connecting, nurturing not just academic growth, but also emotional well-being.

English academy
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