Writer’s Workshops

As a seasoned writing coach, I've successfully trained over 1300 academic writers, imparting essential skills such as effective writing, concise expression, paraphrasing, and proper grammar usage. Additionally, I specialise in tailoring children's workshops to meet specific needs, ensuring a customised and enriching learning experience.

Writer’s Workshops
Writer's Workshop Program

Are you ready to embark on a journey to enhance your communication skills and become a more effective and confident writer, regardless of age? Our workshops are thoughtfully crafted for both children and adults, creating a dynamic space where participants of all ages can refine their writing abilities in various contexts. We offer many workshops which are customised according to your requirements.

For Kids
Storytelling and Creative Writing Workshop

Unleash your child's imagination in our Storytelling Workshop! Through prompts, visuals, and interactive activities, we inspire young minds to invent captivating stories, characters, and settings.

Picture Book Writing Workshop

Transform your child into a budding author and illustrator! In our Picture Book Workshop, kids craft their own tales, blending words and images while learning the art of story structure.

Poetry Fun Workshop

Let your child's creativity flourish in our Poetry Fun Workshop! We explore diverse forms, fostering self-expression through playful and imaginative poems.

Character Creation Workshop

Unlock your child's creativity! Our Character Creation Workshop guides kids in developing unique characters, delving into traits, emotions, and motivations for truly captivating stories.

Journaling for Kids

Nurture the habit of self-reflection! Our Journaling Workshop encourages kids to express daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings through writing, with stimulating prompts for meaningful reflections.

Playwriting for Kids

Lights, camera, creativity! Join our Playwriting Workshop for kids, where they learn the essentials of scriptwriting, including dialogue, scenes, and the excitement of bringing stories to life on stage.

Collaborative Story Building Workshop

Foster teamwork and creativity! In our Collaborative Story Building Workshop, children work together to create a collective story, encouraging discussion and compromise in their storytelling adventures.

Express Yourself Workshop

Empower your child's voice! Our Express Yourself Workshop encourages children to write stories and poems that reflect their emotions and experiences, exploring the transformative power of storytelling.

Interactive Storytelling Workshop

Embark on a journey of creativity! Our Interactive Storytelling Workshop introduces children to branching narratives, allowing them to create interactive stories with multiple outcomes, fostering creativity and decision-making skills.

For Adults
Email Writing

Master the art of effective communication! Join our Email Writing Workshop for adults to enhance your professional correspondence skills and make a lasting impact.


Transform your presentations into compelling narratives! Our workshop equips adults with the skills to captivate audiences, deliver key messages, and leave a lasting impression.


Refine your writing with precision! Our Paraphrasing workshop teaches adults the art of expressing ideas in their own words while maintaining clarity and integrity.

Concise Writing

Say more  with less! Join our Concise Writing Workshop to sharpen your communication skills, crafting clear  and impactful messages in a world of information overload.

Grammar Workshops

Polish your language skills! Our Grammar Workshops for adults provide a thorough exploration of grammar rules, helping you refine your writing and communicate with confidence.

Writer’s Workshops
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